AnaMark Virtual Synthesizer Just Became Freeware!!


Mark Henning has just released his AnaMark hybrid virtual synthesizer FOR FREE in VSTi plugin format for Windows based digital audio workstations.

“I think that AnaMark still can be considered a synth with interesting possibilities, and so I decided to make it freely available to everyone. Just visit the AnaMark website for details.”

Meh, Who Cares?

Although you might not be impressed with another freeware synth, don’t be so easily fooled.  This hybrid synth has a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve.  For the records, the oscillator section on this plugin is WAYY MOREEE advanced than others that are free – SWEEETT!!!  Effectively with enough tweaking you can get over 2000 different timbres.

The AnaMark also features 21 different types of synthesis. From standard subtractive synthesis to phase modulation, frequency modulation, additive synthesis and ring modulation (to name just a few), the amount of ways that you can manipulate and tweak the various parameters is mind boggling.  A Very robust FX section is also included, with 11 different effect types covering delay, reverb, chorus, etc.

Like microtuning?  Well the Anamark comes equipped with this option.

Even More Features…

It comes with 545 factory presets, which is enough to get you started but yet good enough for an entire synth library. Another cool things is the random preset generator, which let’s the plugin user  randomize all the parameters of the synthesis engine with a single click.

When it was first released back in 2005, the AnaMark was priced at €42  (almost 10 years ago!). It is now offered as a free download from the generous creator.

In order to install the instrument on your computer, you’ll need to download both the installer and the DLL file as separate packages. Just follow the instructions on the website and you should have no problems.  Good Luck!

AnaMark is available for free download via Mark Henning’s website Go Now!!!

The Anamark in action…..

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