Modern Mixing Releases Trap Drums HQ Demo Kit

I’m a little late to the party on this one but a couple months back released a free trap drum sample kit.  Modern Mixing is not really a sample based company.   They teach people how to mix a song with the tools they already own.  There is tons of tips, tricks, articles and interviews for the new and experienced engineer to benefit from.  So it’s nice to see this kind of freebie from them.  That’s very generous of them.

About The Kit

  • 65 High Quality Samples chosen from over 1600 samples
  • Recorded into a pair of API’s
  • Additional ITB analog processing was done
  • Each sample was chosen with care
  • Comes with some custom made effects

Here’s What People Are Saying

“Damn Justin this pack is crazy!!!….I’ve been watching your videos since lastnight (around 7EST) took a cat nap around 6 in the morning (in my home studio chair of course, lol) and then went back to finishing EVERY video on this site….Thanks for your help and all that you do on here!” – Jamarr

“Great demo kit man, I’m a beginner engineer and these sounds definitely helped me get a fuller feel overall.” -Tonyopa

“Great Drums by a Great Engineer!!! I used the samples this past week and they cut through a dense mix beautifully. You’re on to something here…Any chance of an RNB/POP Kit in the future?” – CORDEY

Go Grab it Now!

Be sure to download the trap drums sample pack.

This sample pack is a demo of the full version Trap Drums HQ.  So if you do like the samples, be sure to buy the full pack.

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